Building Bluprint

Source Download

The source for Bluprint is held at under Subversion.  To download the source, point your subversion client at and checkout the head of the main trunk.  If you are using the svn client you can issue the following,

svn co bluprint

This will download the project files into a directory called bluprint.  Within the bluprint directory you will find the two directories src and doc and the Maven 2 build file pom.xml.

Bluprint is built using Maven 2.  Click here for Mac, or here for Windows, for instructions on installing Maven 2 if you don’t already have it on your system.

Development Builds

To build Bluprint, open a shell or a command window and change directory to the bluprint root directory containing the pom.xml file.

Bluprint is dependent upon Eclipse UML2 jar files that are not contained in the global Maven repos.  These need to installed manually by following the instructions described here.

Bluprint is built using Maven by issuing,

mvn install

This will compile, run the unit tests and create a skinny jar file (Bluprint-0.1.jar) containing Bluprint in the target directory created within the bluprint root directory.  The skinny jar is dependent upon the library jars downloaded into you Maven 2 repository and is suitable for use during development.

Release Builds

To create a jar file suitable for distribution and download issue the following,

mvn assembly:assembly

This will create a fat jar file in the target directory containing all the library jar files upon which Bluprint is dependent.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved please contact